A downloadable game for Windows

Updated - Added additional weapon spawn points.

The Hunt is a generic free open world dinosaur shooter in the same vein as 'Carnivores'. Made in Unity over a weekend as a learning project the game features -

-24hr day - night cycle

-different dinosaurs / animals and various behaviours for each.(Some will attack,fake rush,run away or only attack when provoked).

-3 weapon types,ammo and health spawns

-large open world island environment

-player spawns at different spawn points

I originally planned to keep the project going as a fun way of learning bits of scripting and add to it (a map,vehicle,crafting) but decided to share it as it was just sitting on my hard-drive.

Any comments / feedback are appreciated,if you make a Youtube video feel free to link in the comments.

Install instructions

Unzip and launch from folder.


TheHunt.7z (259 MB)


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you should make this available for windows

It is for windows

then how come it says its not available?

You mean PC right?,it's for Windows PC - you can see it in the youtube video below. It doesn't say 'not available' on my page anywhere so not sure what you mean.

i got it on pc windows

Gorgeous! But I couldn't find any weapons yet...