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Plan on working on this again?

im not getting any weopon :(

Great job! Good use of atmosphere and assets. The  sounds are great, the environment looks and feels good. I can see you put some attention in to the type of the surface the player is walking on, etc. Little details that some "developers" don't bother with. While there's not a lot of depth to the game, there's a lot of potential if you wanted to carry it forward. I would be interested to help out if you want so feel free to contact me. Nice job overall!

looks like the game has been here for a while but non the less  i've played and recorded my gameplay. it's not a perfect game but damn it has some Awesome features.  the dinosaurs look cool, the environment looks beautyfull :D

Video link : 

Have a awesomeday!

wow. this game is the best.


you should make this available for windows

It is for windows

then how come it says its not available?

You mean PC right?,it's for Windows PC - you can see it in the youtube video below. It doesn't say 'not available' on my page anywhere so not sure what you mean.

i got it on pc windows